Class Descriptions

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Music Together® (Birth - 4yrs)

Mixed Class Birth - 4 
Child development researchers recommend mixed-age groupings because it fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older ones; older children learn by leading the younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments.

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Musical Theatre (5-8yrs)

Come join us for an adventure in acting, singing, dancing and artwork.  Popular children's stories are the leaping-off point of our Musical Theatre workshops, and culminate with a fabulous show for our families on the last day.  Classes involve theatre games, story exploration, working off of a custom-written script, simple stage blocking,  learning songs and simple choreography, and creating fun art projects for our sets.  

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Toddler Art (2-3yrs)

A fun, messy exploration of art you and your toddler will love! 

Each week we will explore a new color/shape using a variety of non-toxic materials giving your child the opportunity to squish, pinch, draw, and other movements designed to help them develop coordination, fine motor skills and expanding their creativity. Each week your toddler will leave with a finished project and a new found knowledge of the colors and shapes around them.

Occasionally you will be asked to bring a recycled object for our project, all other supplies will be provided.

Young Musicians (3-5yrs)

Young Musicians


This program is designed to introduce the young child (ages 3-5 yrs) to music through song, dance, rhythmic movement, and play.  Children are introduced to the concepts of music; Musical Alphabet, Intervals, The Grand Staff, Rhythm, and Symbols, using games from from the curriculum "Music Mind Games".

These classes prepare the young child for later formal instrumental study. It is an ideal way to begin a musical experience.


By participating in Early Childhood Music Education, you guide your child’s development with:

  • Melodic Awareness

  • Listening Skills

  • Language

  • Coordination

  • Memory

  • Social Skills

  • Self Expression

  • Self Confidence


"Music is a language of the earth! Behind the glorious sounds of music is a magnificent system of written music."  -- Michiko Yurko





The art and craft of songwriting!

Students will compose, sing, write lyrics both individually and as a team. Implementing new concepts as they are introduced and building self-esteem and confidence through their new-found skills. Please bring along a favorite journal for your song ideas!

Topics covered include:

  • Creativity and Inspiration
  • Lyrics, Poetry and Rhyme
  • Basic Pop Chord Progressions
  • Themes and Song Structure



Trial Instrument Lesson

Trial Instrument Lesson

Trial Voice Lesson

Trial Voice Lesson

Story Book Art (2-5yrs)

Stories and Art a fantastic combination! You and your child will be introduced to a wonderful story each week related to art and the world around them. We will discuss the story and art technique used by the illustrator and create a piece of art to go along with it. Using a variety of non-toxic materials - paper, glue sticks, stickers, crayons, paint and recycled items your child will leave with a finished project and a zest for a new story! We might even have the opportunity to meet a couple of the artists!

ŸOccasionally you will be asked to bring a recycled object for our project, all other supplies will be provided.

Group Music Therapy (ages 6-8yrs) Group Music Therapy can help your child focus on non-musical goals, such as motor functioning, socialization, communication, and cognition in a musical setting. Each session will be designed in a way so each child's individual goals and objectives can be developed, while also working on group goals.  Inclusion groups allow children to learn leadership, sharing, and also gives children a chance to model after other participants. Sessions with include live, client- preferred music, pre recorded music, instruments, songwriting, and other musical activities designed to meet each child's needs. 
Glee Club (5-9yrs)

Glee Club is for children, ages 5-9yrs, who are interested in learning about voice, performance and harmonization. Collaborating with Suzanne, students will explore songs in the pop/musical theatre/rock genres, choosing 2-3 songs to develop during the 10 week session.

Each week students will rehearse their songs, assisting with arrangements, adding solos and harmonies, along with fun dance moves! All culminating in a performance for family and friends on our last day of class and the opportunity to professionally record their songs!

Participating in Glee club gives aspiring singers and performers the opportunities to develop stage presence, leadership and interpersonal skills. Great way for your child to discover their inner pop/rock star!

Story Book Theatre (4-6 yrs)

This 45-minute class gives our youngest Thespians an opportunity to learn about acting in a fun, process-oriented class.  Classes involve lots of theatre games, movement and interaction,  yet do not focus on putting together a finished product (show) at the end of the term.  Class term is broken into 3-week story modules, in which popular children's books are explored through theatre games, creative role play, song, movement and art work.  A perfect precursor to our Musical Theatre program (5-7 yrs), and ideal for young learners who may thrive in a more process-oriented environment.