Group Music Therapy (6-8yrs)

Group Music Therapy(ages 6-8yrs) can help your child focus on non-musical goals, such as motor functioning, socialization, communication, and cognition in a musical setting. Each session will be designed in a way so each child's individual goals and objectives can be developed, while also working on group goals.  Inclusion groups allow children to learn leadership, sharing, and also gives children a chance to model after other participants. Sessions with include live, client- preferred music, pre recorded music, instruments, songwriting, and other musical activities designed to meet each child's needs. 

Siblings (all ages) are invited to participate.

Location: 597 High St. Dedham

Class Size: 3-4 Familes
Fall/Winter/Spring Semester: 10 weeks

Course Fee: $185

Registration fee(new families only!)...$20
Sibling Fee: $50

Class Schedule Start Date Duration Instructor Register

Performing Arts Classes
Monday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Jul 10, 2017 6 weeks Nicole Poulter Register