Voice Lessons

As a singer your voice and body is your instrument and you can learn, with certainty, how to play it.

We work with singers of all kinds, ranging from children to adults, from beginners to professionals and including Broadway, Opera, Pop, Rock, Folk and Jazz. Creating a course of study that serves each student's unique needs.

Each voice is one of a kind. You learn to sing comfortably through your entire range, expanding your range as you strengthen your instrument with focused exercises, Accessing a variety of styles if you choose, and sing expressively! Vocal exercises are focused on function and vocal health. Students learn what the voice/body is doing, not just how the voice sounds.

Our instructors are continually deepening their knowledge of new methods to access the human voice. In our supportive environment you will develop your true unique voice!

A single trial lesson is recommended for all new students. Please register here to schedule a trial lesson. Let us know which days/times might work best for your schedule. Once we receive your registration we will contact you to schedule specific day/time with one of our insturctors.

Class Schedule Start Date Duration Instructor Register

Private Lessons
Mon - Sat TBA Jul 10, 2017 52 weeks TBA Register

Registration and payment are required prior to any lessons taking place. Tuition will be prorated for any student beginning after the September or January start. Student performances are held (not mandatory) each year in January and June plus many opportunities to play in the community.

  • Students enrolled in private lessons receive a 10% discount on group classes. 
  • Additional family members/instruments receive a 5% discount off tuition.
    Prepay tuition for 5 months and receive 5% discount. Only applies to students beginning in September or February. Payment MUST be made by
    August 28th for lessons beginning in September or January 28th with lessons beginning in February.

Please read our Studio Policies

Tuition Fees:
1/2 hour: $38
3/4 hour: $57
1 hour:    $76

Single Lesson Drop In: (only when studio schedule permits)
1/2 hour: $40
3/4 hour: $60
1 hour: $80

Suzanne McNeil

Suzanne McNeil has studied voice with world class vocal coach Mark Baxter, author of the New York Times Bestselling Book “The Rock and Roll Singers Survival Guide” and studied Vocology.  Vocology is the study of vocalization, the science and practice of voice habilitation. Habilitation is the process of enabling, equipping for, or capacitating. Voice habilitation is therefore more than repairing a voice, or bringing it back to a normal state. It includes the process of building and strengthening the voice to meet specific needs.”

Suzanne teaches people to find their vocal style and authentic sound, as well breath and body alignment. Learn vocal strengthening exercises and ear training while building muscle memory. Learn emotional techniques that help you connect with your audience or shake stage fright. Suzanne will also work privately with songwriters who want to write with their guitar as primary instrument. Suzanne is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the NATS New England chapter.


Katie Jillison

Katie Jillson has enjoyed a continuous performance career in Boston and surrounding New England areas for the past 20 years. A graduate of the New England Conservatory, Katie has performed with organizations in the New England area such as Masterworks Chorale (Cambridge), the Paul Madore Chorale (Salem), Boston Cecilia, Zensemble (Jamaica Plain), and The Down East singers of Thomaston, Maine.

Katie's approach is centered around achieving vocal freedom by teaching students how to use their breath, release any tension, and strengthen vocal ability in all registers of the voice. She also teaches lyric diction to students when applied to repertoire. Katie is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the NATS New England chapter.