Group Music Therapy (6-8yrs)

Group Music Therapy(ages 6-8yrs) can help your child focus on non-musical goals, such as motor functioning, socialization, communication, and cognition in a musical setting. Each session will be designed in a way so each child's individual goals and objectives can be developed, while also working on group goals.  Inclusion groups allow children to learn leadership, sharing, and also gives children a chance to model after other participants. Sessions with include live, client- preferred music, pre recorded music, instruments, songwriting, and other musical activities designed to meet each child's needs. 

Siblings (all ages) are invited to participate.

"My boys love music with Ms. Nicole. My son with autism has begun singing some of the songs she sings during class. Thank you so much for starting this! :-)" - Bridget

Location: 597 High St. Dedham

Class Size: 3-4 Familes
Fall/Winter/Spring Semester: 10 weeks

Course Fee: $185

Registration fee(new families only!)...$20
Sibling Fee: $50

No classes are currently scheduled.