DMA offers juries for our private lesson students as an additional opportunity to perform and receive feedback from a panel of teachers in a positive and encouraging manner. These opportunities will enhance their musical and technical skills while boosting confidence as they learn how to set and achieve their goals.


*New students at DMA who have just begun their instrumental studies will be invited to participate in juries after one year of lessons. New students at DMA who have a year or more of previous study are invited to participate whenever they feel comfortable doing so.


What are competitive juries?

Competitive juries are level-based performance examinations that will test both technical and musical skills. Each level will have a specific set of requirements that will be judged by two or more DMA faculty members. Each jury will last 10-15 minutes. Upon completion, the student will receive written feedback from the jury panel as well as an official Certificate of Completion and will be invited to attend the next level the following Winter or Fall semester OR a Certificate of Participation if the jury panel believes the student needs more time before attending the next level.


For competitive juries, how do you determine which level to start with and what are the different levels?

Your instructor will help determine which level will be appropriate for you based on the requirements for each level. The list of available levels will be outlined by mid September 2017 and all instructors and students will be notified as soon as they become available.


What are non-competitive juries?

Non-competitive juries are comment-based performances of 3-10 minutes of music chosen by the student and his/her instructor. Constructive feedback will be provided in written-form by two or more DMA faculty members. Upon completion, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Who is required to participate in juries?

No one! But we highly encourage everyone to participate because juries not only provide an extra performance opportunity each semester and the chance to interact with other DMA faculty – they also help structure student goals. By default, we will add all students registered for private lessons as jury participants. However, if anyone feels strongly about not participating, do not fear! Just send a quick email to Marianne at together4music@yahoo.com or Hannah at hannahechoi@gmail.com to officially opt out of juries for the current semester. The student will then be automatically added back to the pool for juries the following September or February.


When will juries take place?

The Fall 2017-18 juries will take place on Saturday, January 13 and Saturday, January 20. The Winter 2018 jury dates will be posted as soon as they become available in February. Students will be able to register for time slots beginning mid October.