Notes from Students

"Molly is having a blast with Liz in Ukelele - she is learning a lot and having fun, which is exactly what we hoped for a five year old class.  Liz is warm and energetic and understands the delicate balance that is needed to teach a young child to play an instrument.  I'm so glad we happened upon this class."
- Cara

Wonderful! Thank you! Maggie is OVERJOYED with her piano lessons. Hannah is a fantastic match for her. Thank you again


"When you mentioned there were classes for adults as well, I said 'this is my chance!' And here I am, reading music and playing for my children."  -Marcela

"My children and I have been so delighted to participate in Discover Music & Art's wonderful programs over the past 4+ years. Music Together in particular has had such a positive impact on our children. They both love music, and we have assembled our own instrument basket similar to the one we use in Music Together to have jam sessions at home! At just 3 and 6 years old, They have memorized so many of the songs and sing them often. We have many friends who have also had joyous experiences with Music Together, Musical Theater, Glee Club and instrument lessons."

"Rachel has all the qualities anyone would want in a music teacher; she is kind, compassionate, very talented and extremely knowledgeable. When I first started piano and voice lessons with Rachel, I was quite nervous about performing in front of an audience. But now because of the supportive atmosphere at Discover Music and Art, I look forward to the recitals as a wonderful learning opportunity ."

- Jean

I have tried many different music programs for kids, and Discover Music & Art's interpretation of Music Together is the BEST!   Attending class with my 2.5 year old daughter is so much fun.  She loves the music, the space, and interacting with other kids her age.  Marianne has a terrific way with kids of all ages, and leads a wonderful, energizing class.  Can't recommend it highly enough!

- Lara

"My daughter has been taking classes at Discover Music and Art for more than 4 years. She started as a baby in the music class and now is taking musical theater. It has been an exceptional experience for her. She enjoys being creative and Marianne has created an environment where children are free to express themselves and learn by doing. It's a creative environment without high pressure - it's pure joy!"

- Lexa

"We are looking forward to seeing you in the fall. You are going to be so impressed with Sofia...she is constantly singing now (zip/button, seashells, and she remembers several of the old songs too). We love your program and we are both so happy that we decided to make music a part of Sofia's world since it is so much a part of ours. You are a great teacher!!!!"

- Ellen

As a highly trained musician, I appreciate the strong musicality and enthusiasm both Lulu and you bring to class--bravo!"


"He's grown to be so comfortable with you and with the music - I'm so glad we stayed with it. Alex is a full convert - he insists on hearing the music every day several times a day. We dance and play while it's on. He also is completely obsessed with his Dad's keyboard"

"My husband and I have taken our two sons to Music Together classes with Marianne since they were babies.   The classes themselves been a wonderful and joyous experience for all of us, but the music and songs we bring home from the class have also been a gift.  I can't tell you how many times we have sang and danced to the music along with the class CDs at home and in our cars.  We have even staged our own little "classes" at home!  I also have to add that the music is really good and catchy!  I would recommend Music Together to any family."